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This is a Right-Hand Drive RHD Toyota HiAce Van Super Custom Limited Turbo Diesel. It has 97,750 miles or 157311 Kilometers, and is super clean and ready for a mail route! It was imported to Texas in 2019 and was used on a 7-mile mail route for about a year. During that time never had an issue at all and has been the best route vehicle I have ever had. I no longer work for the post office or I would never give this van up. It includes power locks and windows, dual-zone climate controls with cold A/C and heat, a digital dash, power steering system, auto lights and flashing lights for safety.  This van is finished in a two-tone White and gold with period graphics on the sides and decked out with USPS graphics on all sides with reflective red “FREQUENT STOPS” on the rear left side. Rain guards are mounted to both front windows (which help a lot in the rain) along with a parking mirror on the rear door.    The HiAce came standard with TEMS (Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension), which was first introduced in 1983 and features electronically-controlled shock absorbers. The TEMS prevents the van from tilting forward when stopping and makes for a very smooth ride. Four sunroofs are also equipped, with a significantly larger panoramic glass over the center occupants. The radio that is equipped works great with a FM receiver (included).  The 3.0L, 4 cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves per cylinder turbo diesel engine with indirect injection is mounted under the passenger seat and sends power to the rear wheels through an automatic transmission with overdrive (RWD). Maximum output is 130hp at 3600 rpm. The timing belt on this van was replaced at 71,547 Kilometers or 44,457miles. This van will cruise any Texas road or highway just fine. Also included is the wood base I made that fits 2 mail trays perfectly over the passenger seat. With all the seats positioned down there is more than enough room for packages of just about any size! Still have all original paperwork and manuals.  

  • Vehicle year: 1993
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Toyota Hiace
  • Vehicle mileage: 97750
  • Drive type: Factory RHD
  • Vehicle Condition: Route Ready
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michelle herrera
1 month ago

is this still available?

1 month ago

I am interested. But I just noticed their is no side sliding door on subside ???

Lisa Coleman
1 month ago

Is this vehicle still available?

1 month ago

Where is it in Texas ?

16 days ago

I live in Waco and would like to come see your van if it is still available. Please send me an email.