RHD Jeep Cherokee

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Has approximately 20,500 route miles. Was in one accident but has been fully repaired. Runs great but needs cosmetic work. Interior carpet was replaced, poorly. New Corbeau seats. The headliner has fallen and was in process of replacing with Dynomat and Dynoliner. Led installed in place of overhead light. Driver door hinge is missing and may need metal work to replace. Odometer has been replaced (burned connectors) but will include the original. Has new bullet hole rims, new shocks, led top mounted magnetic light, maintenance records, Haynes and Chilton manuals and 3 parts catalogs. Interior trim has not been reinstalled but not necessary to function.

  • Vehicle year: 1994
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Jeep Cherokee
  • Vehicle mileage: Appx 155,000 km or 93205 miles
  • Drive type: Factory RHD
  • Vehicle Condition: Route Ready
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