RHD 97 Jeep Cherokee for sale

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I am selling my 97 factory rhd jeep Cherokee as I no longer need it. It is in good condition and runs great. It only has 134,000 miles on it. It is route ready. All of the seats have been removed except the drivers seat and it has a mail tray built in. Plenty of space for mail and packages. It has mounted flashing lights for when you’re delivering. The transmission was replaced about a year and a half ago. The radiator, alternator, and power steering pump are all new. It’s a 4 door and has 4 wheel drive. All 4 tires are in excellent condition as they were recently replaced. It also has an extra tire that just needs to be mounted on a rim for a spare. It’s a 6 cylinder 4.0 liter engine. Please contact me via text at 801-414-3838 if you are interested or have any questions.

  • Vehicle year: 1997
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Jeep Cherokee sport limited
  • Vehicle mileage: 134,000
  • Drive type: Factory RHD
  • Vehicle Condition: Route Ready
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16 days ago

Where are you located? I am very interested

3 days ago
Reply to  Deb

Sorry I somehow missed these comments. I am located in Smithfield Utah.

Michael Lehman
13 days ago

still available? do you still have seats that have been removed?

3 days ago
Reply to  Michael Lehman

It is available but I have someone that I am waiting to here from if they are going to take it. Unfortunately I do t have the seats that were taken out. The person I bought it from didn’t have them either.