RHD-2003 Honda CRV 4 wheel Drive


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2003 Honda CRV.  Four wheel drive.  New Goodyear tires, tires balanced, and car aligned.  New brakes and struts.  Transmission has been flushed. Hondas are very well made and reliable cars.  Fairly easy to work on.  My wife is a mail carrier and I work on Honda CRV’s.  Honda made a lot of these cars and still makes them.  This car gets about 21 mpg on rural roads.  Pedal Pro Right hand driver kit installed and tested.  Ready to deliver mail.  Can deliver car if needed.

  • Vehicle year: 2003
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Honda CRV
  • Vehicle mileage: 185900
  • Drive type: RHD Conversion/kit
  • Vehicle Condition: Route Ready
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Debbie Smith
7 days ago

Still available?