REPAIR ONLY 1990 - 2001 Jeep Cherokee RHD Cooling Fan Mount Bracket -

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We’re on call 24/7 for USPS Delivery Drivers with Jeep Cherokee RHD vehicles dated 1990 through 2001 with worn out bearing from cooling fan mount.  We can ship as early as today or tomorrow at latest with core sent in to us.

Be aware that an inexperienced mechanic will not be able to achieve these same results, it took our technician 2 years to perfect his skill.  These parts are rare and delicate, and in most cases the unqualified mechanic will cause further damage and expense or the bearing used will give out in days to months!

We are 4 years and running strong, check our reputation out on Ebay, we offer a 3-year Warranty on Parts & Service.

What you will get is all brand new working parts for this part, including studs and nuts, long-running high tolerance bearing, and hub.  We expect these parts to keep going another 10-20 years, as they are made to speck of the original manufacturer, if not better!

Here’s how it works:


  1.  Check bracket for cracks, give thumbs up if good – take photos and send to us via text.  If bracket is cracked, we can still make arrangements.
  2. Contact us at 210-790-1865 to keep us up to date so we will be ready to ship your replacement.
  3. Wrap you’re part in newspaper or heavy paper type material, cloth, etc., in a small box with tape doubled around each side of sturdy box.  We don’t want to lose it!
  4. Take part boxed up to USPS and ship Priority to us.  Keep receipt and send photo to us via text.
  5.  Make payment via PayPal/check/postal money order (can send with part).
  6.  Once all of these points are in order we can ship immediately to you.  You can chose Priority 2-3 day delivery or Overnight which is 1-2 days.  Add $50 to receive Express USPS 1-2 day shipping, otherwise shipping is free at 2-3 days Priority.

Call anytime 210-790-1865

Ship to:

J May

PO BOX 139

Moore, TX  78057



  • Compatible vehicle: 1990 through 2001 Jeep Cherokee RHD 2 Styles See Both Images
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