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2009 Jeep Wrangler · Suv · Driven 112,600 miles

I am dropping the price to $13,000. I am driving it to work while my Cherokee is in the shop, putting about 90 miles a day. Miles are up to 114,500. Took it to my normal mechanic and he thinks it is just a bad 16 point plug. He has all of the work and replaced parts on it.

RHD. I bought this Jeep last year. New front end parts 2000 miles ago. Heat and AC work great. I will be honest it has some issues. Took it to the shop last week and the mechanic said the place to start would be the cylinoid pack and go from there. I just went regular so lost my overtime and on top of that I got a metris so lost my EMA, which was my Jeep pmt. I paid 16,500 and have spent about $3000 on parts and mechanics. I am selling it for $14,500. I will get better pics in a couple days when it stops raining.

  • Vehicle year: 2009
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Jeep Wrangler
  • Vehicle mileage: 113000
  • Drive type: Factory RHD
  • Vehicle Condition: Needs Work
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Brian Ferguson
14 days ago

Where in Tx?

Taylor Stout
14 days ago

Is this still available?