Good dependable mail delivery vehicle.


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 I left post office so no longer needed. All set up for delivery of mail and parcels.

VIN: 1B4GP25B62B502676

Vehicle: 2002  Dodge Grand Caravan

Mileage: 110041

Color: White with Grey Interior

Vehicle Options

Engine: 4 Cylinder

Transmission: Automatic

Drive: FWD

Installed Options:

  • Right Hand Drive Conversion
  • Automatic
  • DPS Tray Rack holds three trays
  • Air Conditioning
  • AM/FM Stereo

Vehicle History

Smoking/Other Odors: No

Complete Service Records: Had 108,000 miles when I purchased it – Now has 110,041 – Oil changed when purchased on July 24, 2020.

Timing Belt, Water Pump and fuel pump installed 12/2019

7/28/2020 Right Inner Tie Rod End replaced, Alignment service with 12 month warranty, Replaced both rear wheel cylinders.

August 4, 2020 – replaced radiator, cooling fan relay and radiator fan assembly.

2 Sets of Keys


Interior Wear or Damage:

Carpet: Some Stains

Some scrapes on the exterior

Warning Lights:

Check Engine: Stays On

Wear or Damage:

Dent on Left side near rear tire

  • Vehicle year: 2002
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Vehicle mileage: 110041
  • Drive type: RHD Conversion/kit
  • Vehicle Condition: Route Ready
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10 days ago

Where are you located in Florida ?

Last edited 10 days ago by Paul
3 days ago

Is this Dodge Caravan still available? Where are you located? Im in Spring Hill, FL.