2011 Jeep Liberty Jet Package RHD (Converted)

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I bought this Jeep over the summer and had it converted at Postal Things in TN – lifetime warranty on that.  I quit USPS and no longer need it.  Runs great but needs new tires and some minor repairs.  I would let it go as it for 10k today so I don’t have to bother with any of it, or 12,500-13,500 if I get to replacing tires and repairs to have it fully route ready (other than body/cosmetic).  Technically you could deliver mail in it today and not fix any of it – but I wouldn’t drive in snow or ice on these tires.

The bad: Almost no tread on tires, dents and tons of scrapes (I mean I guess – dents and scrapes are part of the job), left side front window is off track (what used to be the driver’s side – motor does work, so probably cheap – haven’t fixed because I didn’t use that window delivering anyway), heat blows luke-warm (I think this is the blend door actuator, but could be the blend door itself is stuck, or clogged heater core – A/C works great and engine gets to temp just as it should), driver’s seat won’t electronically adjust (this stopped working after I had it converted so I think they didn’t plug something in all the way – works well for me so I haven’t bothered to unbolt the seat to plug/unplug everything in).

The good: fantastic 4-wheel drive (switch operated locking differential) rural delivery vehicle (can go just about anywhere), dealer maintained and single owner before me – no accidents on record (I have the carfax somewhere), included tray system if you want (fits 2 trays sided by side to work out of), very comfortable leather/heated driver’s seat, clean engine, cold A/C, exceptionally low mileage for year, brand new warrantied full RHD conversion (pedals, steering, turn signals – have receipt), magnets and LED strobe warning light included, upgraded 6-speaker w/sub audio sys, tinted windows, and etc – basically everything other than what I mentioned above is good.

I have the old driver’s seat, steering wheel and etc (everything from before the conversion if you want it).

Again, putting this up to see if anyone is interested in picking it up now for significantly less than I’ll want if I have to put in the time/work (I don’t think tires + repairs will be more than $1500, probably less – and that’s if you want to pay a shop).  As I have time I may complete some of the repairs and adjust the price to reflect.  From the pictures you can see that the mail tray I had in is currently removed (for cleaning underneath – I will put that in/include in current price, if you don’t want it left out to design your own.  And of course we’ll give her a good bath.

Email or text is better than phone calls to start off with – I don’t answer unknown numbers.  We are 20 minutes from Asheville, NC.  Could possibly deliver within 2 hours, but would charge upfront non-refundable electronic deposit for gas + time.

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  • Vehicle year: 2011
  • Vehicle Make and Model: Jeep Liberty
  • Vehicle mileage: 70500
  • Drive type: RHD Conversion/kit
  • Vehicle Condition: Needs Work
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